High Wire Blues


I’d walk the high wire just for you, I’d swallow swords and eat fire if you asked me to

Stop the rain from falling and let your sunlight shine on through


I’ll sing for you softly just to soothe your soul, I’ll scream it out loud just to rock your roll

Dancing with danger is just a gentle evening stroll


I’ll pray at your altar and give thanks to you, worship your every move in all that you do

I’ll be your Father, Son and Holy Ghost and your little Devil to


I’ll be your ocean to sail up on, your distant horizon every time I’m gone

I’ll be your harbour lights to guide you when those storms are raging on


I’ll give you focus and the right to be free, the strength to be stronger and a reason to be

I’d give you the whole world girl, hope you’d do the same for me


©Copyright Circuit Music